Efficient thermoform plants for fibre fleece fabrics

Within thermoforming, R+S Technik develops increasingly efficient processes for advanced plants within the automotive industry. Entirely according to your requirements, we develop for you simple manual workstations (production cells) or fully automatic thermoform plants.

With our hot forming technologies, leading companies process various thermosetting fibre fleece fabrics, for instance natural fibre/PP, glass fibre/PP or wood fibre composited materials. Today, you can find their products in millions of cars: high-grade cockpit or door components as well as premium interior linings.

Our thermoform plants at a glance:

  • Moulding presses
  • Heating presses
  • Manufacturing cells with manual operation
  • Semiautomatic moulding plants with manual feed and removal of the material
  • Fully automatic moulding plants for 1-layer materials
  • Fully automatic moulding plants for multiple layer materials

Product Video -Thermoforming

Experience innovative thermoforming lines by R+S Technik. In this video we show you solutions we have realised for customers.




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