Individual injection mouldingtools for plastics within the automotive industry

Innovative injection moulding tools of R+S Automotive USA are predestined for the sophisticated plastic processing within the automotive industry. Our technologies allow for a broad product range: With our tools and machines, you manufacture, for instance, highly accurate plastic components for the outside and inside, but also various structural and engine compartment parts.

With injection moulding tools of R+S Automotive USA, you benefit from all advantages that plastic components can offer: In addition to safety, flexibility and weight reduction, you also enjoy the greatest freedom of design.

Our injection moulding tools at a glance:

  • Injection moulding tools for plastic parts (also in 2K technique)
  • Back injection tools (for foils, decors, natural fibre materials, sheets)
  • Window pane edge moulding tools
  • with corresponding technology, such as

  • Hot runner technique
  • Slider/inclined sliders
  • Grain structures of all types
  • Mould-flow analysis
  • Matching

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