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At R+S Automotive we are never at a standstill, since we focus on future-oriented production and manufacturing concepts. Therefore, as a specialist for tools and machines for the manufacture of interior parts for the automotive industry, we are setting trends again and again, track down new materials and test innovative solutions in our own pilot plant.

We are committed to peak performance every day: Owing to our special commitment in the areas Research and Development, we regularly set benchmarks within the automotive industry. The best proof for this are our innovations, with which we anticipate the actual requirement of the market time and again: For instance, newly developed multiple tools, our PPI technology and a large number of patents.

The passion for research and development makes R+S Automotive special. Our philosophy: For you, we create high-level solutions really advancing your company. Here, with creative thinking and unconventional spontaneity, we also find completely new approaches. Thus, we provide you with results, which surprise and inspire again and again.

Patents of our company R+S Automotive.


PPI Technology describes the combination of 3 single processes: pressing/molding, pinching/trimming and injection molding of e.g. retainers/reinforcing ribs.
This sophisticated technology is especially suitable for natural fibre interior parts such as rear package trays, door side panels, luggage covers and the like. 

Advantages of this procedure:

  • Renewable primary materials or natural fibres used
  • Lower overall weight of parts in comparison to other technologies
  • Process design allows for the implementation of less tools
  • Technology allows for vacuum and press laminating
  • No adhesive required due to the use of same thermoplastic basis
  • Initial investment in production equipment significantly reduced

ThermoGrain® is a material sandwich in only one tool mould, which allows 7 different complex technical processes: 

  1. graining of PVC or TPO foil
  2. backpressing of the foil with a long fiber cover-layer, whereby the foam backside of the foil remains keeping in its thickness
  3. welding or injecting of retainers directly to the carrier
  4. use of additional PE foam pads to reach more „soft-touch"-effect
  5. edge-folding
  6. cutting of the contour by means of a hidden cutting line behind the edge-piston
  7. backfoaming with PU in a separate working step is possible

LOPREFIN-KENBOARD-SOFT-TOUCH® is a machine manufactured sandwich structure that allows to provide partially targeted sections of trim parts of all kinds – in this case primarily automotive interior – with a soft polyolefin / PP foam wedge. An additional „Soft-Touch“ effect is provided as an alternative to the well-known and high cost produced PU foam-back processes. The foam self-adheres very well without additional adhesives with decor surface and the carrier material such as PP/ natural fiber, materials such as LoPreFin® and Kenboard®.
The foam wedge (Soft pad) is processed fully automatically with the decor and carrier material in „One-Shot“ process. At the same time, the retainers are fixed in the tool and welded to the carrier. During production, the foam wedge optimally nestles in the edge zones to the decor / carrier material by melting. Thus, there is no visible and tactile transitions. The final product is free of PU and adhesive and thus at favourable price and optimally recyclable. The user gets the possibility to produce his products including the areas such as the armrests, head / knee impact zones at favourable price with just one series tool in the same working operation.
„Loprefin-Kenboard- Softtouch“ is therefore ideal for meeting the requirement of manufacturability of products for mid-size cars with the high comfort of luxury section vehicles.

LoPreFin® consists of three fiber layers: each outside layer is consisting of a thin needle-punched PP/Polyester layer and the inside layer is consisting of a soft core made from 30% PP and 70% needle-punched natural fiber. This fiber trilaminate is a very solid and well-formable mat which can be perfectly manufactured in a „one-shot-process" with an additional decor.
The outside layers can be dyed in each colour in order to manufacture an exterior part without any decor but with leather-grain structure or motives with higher press power.

KENBOARD® is a one layer material with a mixture of 50% PP fiber and 50% natural fiber.This material is very well suitable for interior parts, such as door trim, cover, baggage compartment, trims, etc.
Due to the high percentage of natural fibers and with the help of high pressure, it is possible to manufacture very stiff, bend-firm and heat-resistant parts. A pressing with textile decoration is possible at the same time without any adhesive.

KENBOARD-AIR® is a tri-laminate material: the outside layers consist of 30% polyester and 70% PP-fiber. The second layer consists of 50% natural fiber and 50% PP-fiber and the inside layer from thin-walled PP or polyethylene foam (PE) foil.
The foam foil locks the fiber mixture hermetically and a vacuum or a blowing deformation like the well known „twin-sheet-process" is then possible. Cavity profiles (twin sheet parts) with very high strength in static can be manufactured.

KENBOARD-CELL™ is a tri-laminate, the two outside layers consist of each 50% natural- and PP-fiber. A coated paper honeycomb serving a light and duroplastic core filling is located in the center of the material sandwich. This extremely light, air-permeable and form-stable construction is particularly suitable for headliner and other inside panelings which have to be light and very loadable.

Soft-Touch®: Decor / PE foam back + PE, foam insert + natural fiber / PP + retainer for door casing insert.
Allows to three-dimensionally shape decor, carrier and partial foam overlay for armrests in one working operation (one-shot) without getting the foam visible on the surface and/or a transition being detectable.

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