Customised machines and lines for maximum service

Using machines and lines of R+S Automotive, you ensure the latest technologies and a flexible workflow. For you, we produce customised solutions for the production of high-grade interior and exterior parts within the automotive industry.

As a specialist for reliable and heavy-duty machines, short retooling and cycling times are as natural for us as modular production facilities. Your advantage: We provide you with the development, design, manufacturing, assembly and all services entirely from a single source. This is the only way optimal production installations can develop corresponding exactly to your operational requirements – ensuring you also a clear production advantage.

For especially complex parts in the vehicle interior, such as rear shelves, door/side panels or covers, our lines with PPI technology (Pressing – Pinching – Injecting) provide you with perfect results. The intelligent combination of tool and machine completes three processes in one step so that you save time and money automatically. With our quite diversified know-how and excellent specialised personnel in the areas of design, manufacturing and assembly, we succeed time and again to develop efficient products even for the most unusual wishes.

Our services within production lines and machines at a glance:

  • Punching
  • Press/tool mould carriers
  • Thermoform lines
  • Waterjet cutting rooms
  • Laminating lines
  • Edgefolding lines

Our Service-Hotline

We are happy to help you - even after the production and delivery of your machines. The friendly staff of our service hotline will be glad to help you. We look forward to your inquiry!