The Original – with Patent – only at R+S Automotive

Our Smart-Flex-Mold-Cell

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The automotive industry as well as its suppliers are currently experiencing a far-reaching structural change, driven by their own developments but also by new laws and regulations.
The multiple burdens from the consequences of climate change, Covid-19 pandemic and technological upheaval such as electrification and digitalization affect automotive manufacturers, their suppliers and last but not least the end consumer similarly.
R+S Automotive strives for using and continuing to develop the potentials together with customers, suppliers and employees.

The Original – with Patent – only at R+S Automotive: We are pleased to present our development the Smart-Flex-Mold-Cell with the patented gripper technology!

Are you looking for an integrated solution for your production processes? You optimize your processes and remain flexible?

Our Smart-Flex-Mold-Cell offers you the following advantages:

  • Labor saving  -->  through automation
  • Cycle time reduction  -->  increased number of pieces per hour
  • Energy efficient  -->  intelligent control
  • Material saving  -->  in both, cutting and surface weight
  • Future-proof  -->  flexible tool changeable to other articles
  • Fast payback time  -->  in some cases, less than one year

This type of automation secures the production facilities in Europe and North America.

We would be please to present you our new development in detail and to work out, together with you, the best use of the Smart-Flex-Mold-Cell for your production.

Contact us and find out what is possible.

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