Sales decline in the Automotive division leads to structural reorganization

R+S Technik site in Maintal, Germany closed on December 31, 2019

The machine-building company R+S  Technik GmbH, located in Bocholt, Germany, has a comprehensive programme of measures to safeguard its position as a competitive force, and to significantly increase its earning power.
The system provider of machines, tools and line concepts is thus reacting to the gloomy outlook for the industry, which is already reflected in declining sales to customers in the automotive supply industry.
The medium-term outlook for the automotive machinery industry as a whole is also clouding over: In addition to a generally declining or faltering economy due to the general uncertainty in the automotive industry, current geopolitical upheavals such as the trade dispute between the USA and China and the still unsettled Brexit are also making themselves felt in the order books.
Against this background, it is not only the measures that have already been initiated in part to generally increase efficiency in all areas of the company, but unfortunately personnel capacity adjustments are also unavoidable. The relatively small site in Maintal, Germany is also affected by this and was closed with effect from December 31, 2019.
However, the structural reorganization also provides for the Bocholt location to be sustainably established as a group-wide competence centre. The accustomed service quality and the qualified support of all customer concerns and enquiries are thus is still guaranteed.